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Women's Precious Stone Accessories

When it comes to wearing precious stones in women’s jewellery accessories it is often wise to remember that ‘less is more’. Precious stones are beautiful and should be allowed to be appreciated on their own, rather than vie for attention with other accessories.

When wearing precious stones around the neck, the ears should be dressed down with modest earrings or none at all. If the earrings are the focal piece, then keep the neck bare or with just a fine neck chain so as not to detract from the jewels. The golden rule is to match a bracelet, rather than necklace with precious stone earrings and a ring with a necklace.

The temptation may be to show off all your fineries at once but this will spoil the overall effect and may even look slightly ridiculous. But what about other accessories?

If the man in your life showers you with gorgeous gifts, he will certainly want to see that you are using them. It is therefore important to guide him, where possible, into making the right choices for you. If necessary steer him clear of jewellery if his tastes clash too much with yours.

It may sound less romantic than a diamond necklace, but a diamond wristwatch is both practical and beautiful. It should not be too flashy or it may clash with your rings and you will need to play these down.

If you already have a favourite watch, then opt for a fine gold or jewelled dress belt for evening wear. A small jewelled evening clutch bag could be the crowning touch to your ensemble for that ultra special occasion. If the bag is plain, then why not add a tiny jewelled charm to make it uniquely yours?

What you keep in your handbag or evening bag is also worth considering. A fine, jewel-encrusted pen, a key ring with a jewel in the fob, a small jewel-backed make-up mirror or compact will all help you to exude elegance and luxury when you really want to impress. But of course nothing will impress more than a fabulous designer mobile phone. The leading phone manufacturers are recognising this need and vying with each other to produce the ultimate combination of exquisite beauty and cutting edge technology.

Phones are now available in diamond encrusted 18 carat gold. The brilliant cut diamonds and other precious gems are bedazzling and make that powerful fashion statement that is sure to have all heads turning and all hearts yearning whenever it goes on display.


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