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Women's Precious Stone Fashion Jewellery

What woman doesn’t like to adorn herself with diamond jewellery? The dream of dripping in diamonds at some glitzy red carpet affair will sadly for most of us only ever be just that - a dream; but the prospect of owning some precious stone fashion jewellery is a happy reality for the majority. It is only a question of which stone to choose.

Most women have their preferences and tend to stick to one gem like they. Everyone knows the song about diamonds being a girl’s best friend and most girls will aspire to own at least one diamond, if only in an engagement ring. But diamonds look dazzling in all forms of jewellery, whether shimmering on the wrist, sparkling from the ears or glistening round the neck.

With various body piercings growing in popularity, virtually any part of the body can display a little glittering of diamond loveliness. Diamonds are said to amplify the full spectrum of energies in the mind, the body and spirit, which makes them the master healer. They are also the birthstone for April and so make ideal gifts for loved ones born in that month.

There are some women who consider emeralds to be unlucky and will not wear them in fashion jewellery. The only problem is that emeralds are much softer than diamonds and require more care in jewellery making and wearing. Being the birthstone for May, a piece of emerald jewellery would make a lovely gift for a person born in that month. Because they are also the stone of unconditional love, inspiring patience, prosperity and kindness, they also have deep significance when given in certain circumstances.

The birthstone for July is the ruby, which is also an emblem of affection. Rubies look particularly effective in earrings, especially when set with diamonds. Because rubies are denser than diamonds, they are also smaller and like most precious stones they vary in hue between lighter, pinker stones through to deepest, darkest blood red; generally speaking, the deeper the colour, the more expensive the stone.

Sapphires also come in a variety of shades, as well as in different colours. True sapphires are a beautiful shade of blue, but fancy sapphires can be found in pink, orange, yellow, green and other colours. The sapphire is the stone for September and is associated with psychic or spiritual powers. Another dense stone, a one carat sapphire will be smaller than a one carat diamond.

You don’t have to have a reason for liking or buying a particular gemstone; they all make breathtaking gifts. But when choosing or giving a ruby or deep blue sapphire as a body piercing jewel, always consider the skin tone and go for a contrasting shade to enhance the natural beauty of the stone. And when wearing several items of fashion jewellery at a time, try to ensure these harmonise rather than clash, so that you don’t end up looking like a glittering Christmas tree!


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