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Ancient Jewellery

You may be asking yourself just how far back the use of jewellery dates back.

In Egypt around about 3000 BC, gold jewellery was worn by many Pharaohs and Queens. Gold jewellery was very rare at the time, but it was the preferred choice of metal as it was easy to work with, and as we know today, it never tarnishes.

Certain jewellery pieces like rings, armlets, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings were all created and worn in ancient times in Egypt. Gold jewellery was an art form in those times just as it is today. There are many fashionable jewellery pieces that are still designed today with the ancient Egyptian gold jewellery designs in mind.

Greece was also a place where a lot of ancient style jewellery would show up. There you would find gold beads in all sorts of different shapes like flowers, beetles, and shells. Gorgeous earrings and bracelets have been found at burial sites in Northern Greece as well. As early as 300 BC Greece was known to have people who were creating gold jewellery pieces with garnets, pearls, emeralds, and amethysts gemstones.

Gold was also commonly used in Italy as they worked to produce granulated textured gold work along with large jewellery pieces like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Italian gold today is still regarded as some of the finest produced gold jewellery pieces in the world.

Rome was also a place where a lot of antique jewellery could be found. Eighteen and 24 carat gold coins were commonly used by the Romans and because these gold coins were so readily available, jewellery designers were able to turn them into beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Precious gemstones like garnets, amber, sapphires, and emeralds were used over 2,000 years ago in many of their jewellery pieces that were found across Europe. Gemstone and gold diamond jewellery pieces were used in ancient times just like they are today as a token of love that a couple would share together.

As high quality gemstone and gold diamond jewellery was being produced in ancient Rome, there were also those who were creating high quality fake jewellery just as there are today. Historians were able to find recipes dating back to the 1300s for manufacturing fake pearls.

It would have been common to find that children’s jewellery would have been fashioned with quality fake gemstones and precious metals. With such quality fake jewellery pieces being passed on in those times to deceive people only a gemologist could tell the difference between genuine gems and pearls from fake ones.


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