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Diamond Colour

When most people think of diamonds, they immediately think of something that's utterly pure and clear, but there's a huge range in the hues of diamonds available, with prices that vary depending on how colourless they are. 

The scale goes from D to Z, but at Diamond Rocks, we specialise in D to J rocks, giving you the choice of totally colourless to slightly tinted. If you'd like a diamond with a K rating or below, we can source that for you and help you find a way to show it off in the best possible light. In case you're wondering, a D diamond is the most colourless and scintillating kind you can get, as before the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) came up with the current scale, many gemologists were using variants of A, B and C to class their diamonds.

It was decided that starting this new scale with those letters could confuse, so D became the starting point to avoid any association with earlier grading systems.

D, E and F diamonds are very rare and constitute less than one per cent of the total mined, so they can prove to be more expensive.

G and H diamonds can prove to be a great alternative and any hue is virtually invisible to the naked eye, so they will still dazzle anyone who admires your ring.

I and J grade diamonds come with a slight tint, but setting them on a white metal can help reduce that effect.



With Diamond Rocks, you can select your own stone on our design your own ring page to match your budget, while our prices are significantly less expensive as you're dealing directly with the manufacturer, so browse the website to find the perfect diamond for your ring.


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