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Art Deco Style Jewellery

If you are thinking about terminology that you often hear when it comes to jewellery, the word Art Deco will probably come up as something you hear often. Times that were greatly influenced by vintage or antique jewellery like the 1920s through the early 1930s would have greatly been influenced by the Art Deco scenes that were taking place worldwide.

As for the term, ‘Art Deco,’ it came from the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Art which originated in France in the mid-1920s. During this event there were a lot of top artists and designers that were able to showcase their pieces.

King Tut’s tomb, when it was discovered, also had a major influence on the Art Deco jewellery design. The Egyptian theme of jewellery was formed from some of the discoveries made inside his tomb. Snakes, pyramids, and spiders were common in jewellery designs of the time, too. This was seen in the advanced technology of that time period.

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Airplanes and automobiles also were used as influential pieces for jewellery designs. However, with all jewellery pieces designed in the Art Deco style you were sure to find many white diamonds and other colourful gemstones on all jewellery pieces.

Art Deco style jewellery was very big and bold with cocktail diamond rings and bangle bracelets being some of the most sought after pieces. There were also a lot of beautiful pendants that were free flowing and long and you would also find that women would have had a cigarette case and holders as the movement of the times was to see women becoming more involved in society as a whole.

With the First World War coming to an end in this time period, a lot of people had money to spend and most of their extra money was spent on jewellery and fashion. It was not uncommon to see both men and women spending money on large fashionable Art Deco jewellery pieces made out of high quality precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver and covered with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and of course, diamonds.

Luxury was the lifestyle everyone wanted to live during those times and Art Deco jewellery designers were able to provide beautiful diamond jewellery pieces. This is when many of the best jewellery designers of our time began to make a name for them so to speak. You have just to name a few top jewellery designers like Chanel, Cartier, Lalique, and Van Cleef all contributing a major role in the Art Deco jewellery period.



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