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Cushion Cut Diamond

Short Description

A cushion cut diamond has a rectangular cushion-like shape and are otherwise called "pillow-cut" diamonds. A cushion cut precious stones have bigger facets which increase their magnificence and highlight the diamond's clarity. These diamonds may vary in the degree of rectangular shape that they have, so don’t be confused if some of them are more squarely cut than others. Similar to most all fancy cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds are rare and may be hard to find in local jewellery stores. The cushion cut is kind of romantic. Diamonds with this cut seem to sparkle and glow during intimate candlelit dinners. These types of rings are often found at auctions, fairs and antique shops and fairs.


While the classic cushion cut diamond is a square (with a length to width ratio of 1.00), they are often found in slightly rectangular shapes as well. The most popular shape is a slight rectangle of 1.10-1.20 length to width, however personal preference should dictate choice.


Given the general name of cushion—what are known today as old mine cuts—these were common by the early 18th century. Sometime later the old European cut was developed, which had a shallower pavilion, more rounded shape, and different arrangement of facets. The old European cut was the forerunner of modern brilliants and was the most advanced in use during the 19th century.

Buying Advice

When looking for cushion cut diamonds, right proportions and symmetry are fundamental. Make sure that a stone has straight, clean lines and correctly cut facets. Well-cut cushion diamond will create a nice sparkle, while a disproportionate one will appear dull and misbalanced.

Celebrity who once said yes to Cushion Cut

Peaches Geldoff once received and said yes to a cushion cut diamond ring presented to her by Thomas Cohen. The stone originally belonged to her grandma, but Thomas had given it a new spark by changing the setting. 

Why choose cushion cut diamonds over similar more classic shapes?

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are the perfect choice for those looking for vintage style and timeless elegance.



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