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Choosing the Right Gemstone Jewellery

People choose gemstones for a variety of reasons. Birthstones used to be the most popular use of gemstones, but they are coming into their own as engagement ring pieces, stunning solitaires and other heirloom treasures.

Others may think of gemstones as a key to personal energy or expression, but how do you know if you’re choosing the right gemstone jewellery? 

Things to Consider when Choosing

Firstly, you must like the colour. The colour is the most important part of choosing a gemstone, not only because that is the quality most strongly considered by appraisers.

Colour is broken down into hue, saturation and tone. Hue refers to the literal colour of the piece, whilst saturation is the intensity and tone is the reflection in light.

The colour should complement your skin tone and work its way into your lifestyle. The intensity of the colour will also affect the value of the piece. For example, if a sapphire seems to be more black than blue, the value of the gemstone is lessened.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Gemstones are beautiful, popular and enhance a wide variety of wardrobe choices. There are many things you need to be aware of whilst purchasing a piece of gemstone jewellery;


  • The Colour of the Gemstone - This is far more important than in other pieces of jewellery. Gemstones are rated primarily on their brilliance and clarity of colour. The shine of the gemstone enhances the depth of its colour, so it is important to pay extra care to the hue of the piece you want to buy. Many gemstones come in a variety of hues, so “emerald green” for example could actually mean three different styles.

  • Clarity – gemstones are not usually as clear as diamonds can be. This is because gemstones naturally contain more imperfections and imprints than diamonds do; an aspect that makes gemstones so unique and alluring. Therefore if you evaluate a gemstone the same way you would a diamond, you may be passing up a beautiful, quality piece due to natural flaws.

  • Has it been enhanced? – You should find out if the stone you are purchasing is enhanced. Many gemstones are subjected to a scientific procedure designed to enhance the colour and beauty of the stone. This doesn’t mean the stones aren’t genuine, but could mean you need to care for this piece differently than you might a piece that had not been enhanced.
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