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Engagement rings: Trends to look out for in 2023

Whether you're looking for some inspiration or ready to take the plunge and ‘pop the question’, this year's engagement ring trends are sure to set the bar high for 2023.

In recent years, more and more couples are pushing the boundaries of the traditional solitaire and opting for more elaborate, one-of-a-kind designs. This year is no exception, as couples are all about embracing individuality with bold designs that stand out from the crowd. From Art Deco and vintage-inspired pieces to multi-stone settings and tapered diamonds, here is a look at some of the top engagement ring trends for 2023.


Bespoke Engagement Rings

With the ever-growing trend for personalisation, it's no surprise many couples are now opting for custom-made bespoke engagement rings. These unique pieces allow couples to create something extraordinary and perfectly tailored to their style and taste. Bespoke engagement rings offer infinite possibilities, allowing couples to incorporate their ideas and inspirations into the design.

Couples can go above and beyond to make the perfect engagement ring that symbolises their unique relationship. From selecting the diamond shape and size to the intricate details of the clarity and setting, an exquisitely crafted bespoke ring will undoubtedly be cherished for a lifetime.


Lab Grown Diamonds

As technology continues to advance, lab-grown diamonds have become an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to naturally mined diamonds, the only difference being that they're created in a laboratory rather than mined from the earth.

They are created by subjecting carbon atoms to high pressure and temperature in a laboratory setting, replicating the same conditions found in nature. By choosing lab-grown diamonds instead of traditional diamonds, couples can do their part in helping to reduce the impact of diamond mining on the environment. Not only that, but they also tend to be significantly cheaper, allowing couples to make the most of their budget.

We expect to see even more couples embracing lab-grown diamonds as we continue into 2023, as they offer the benefits of natural diamonds without the hefty price tag.


Art Deco

One trend we expect to see a lot of in 2023 is Art Deco rings. Vintage rings have become an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings in recent years as Gatsby glamour has made a comeback. Many couples are turning to Art Deco rings for their unique and timeless designs, which evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The Art Deco era was a period of time in the early 20th century that saw an explosion of creativity and modernism. Characterised by bold geometric shapes, angular lines and vibrant colours, it was a style that significantly influenced art, architecture and fashion. This same aesthetic has been carried over to engagement rings today, with vintage-style Art Deco rings becoming increasingly popular for those looking to add timeless glamour to their special day. It's no wonder vintage rings captivate the hearts of so many couples.


Coloured Stones

Recently we have noticed a rising surge in coloured stone engagement rings. Couples have been tapping into their creative side to express their love and commitment to one another with coloured gemstones.

Gemstones have a long history of being used as symbols of love, devotion and commitment. Sapphires, in particular, have been a symbol of loyalty for centuries, and many couples are now opting for sapphire engagement rings as an alternative to the traditional diamond ring. The rich colour of the stones adds a unique visual aspect that is sure to turn heads, whether it be a classic sapphire or a regal blue aquamarine.

Emeralds are said to evoke feelings of passion, loyalty and unity, while rubies signify devotion and an abiding trust between lovers. No matter which precious stone you choose for your engagement ring this year, each one carries its own unique message of love and commitment.


Multiple Stones

Multi-stone engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years, with couples opting for two or three stones set side-by-side or in a cluster, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Multi-stone rings often feature an elaborate design, combining multiple shapes and sizes of diamonds to create a truly showstopping piece of jewellery. It gives couples more freedom to express themselves with their choice of stones, shapes and sizes.

A trilogy ring, for example, is made up of three stones representing the past, present and future - making it a highly romantic choice for couples looking to commit their lives to each other. With so many possibilities, these multi-stone engagement rings can be tailored perfectly to each couple's style and taste. The Halo ring is another popular choice, consisting of a centre stone surrounded by an array of smaller stones that frame it - creating the illusion of a larger and even more dazzling diamond.


Tapered Diamonds

In recent months we have seen a rise in the popularity of tapered diamonds. A tapered diamond is a special cut with its widest part near the top and tapers towards the base. The tapered shape of these stones is usually set alongside the centre stone, creating the illusion of a larger and more elongated diamond.

This unique design can be a great way to add extra sparkle to an engagement ring without breaking the bank. Tapered diamonds provide an unexpected twist on traditional diamond rings and allow couples to create something exceptional and one-of-a-kind.


As we continue our venture into 2023, these trends will continue to grow in popularity as more people look for unique ways to express their love. Whether you opt for an intricate multi-stone design or an exquisite coloured gemstone, the decision is yours. Still, we can assure you here at Diamond Rocks; you will find the perfect engagement ring to capture the heart of your loved one and make your proposal extra memorable.

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