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Facts about Black Diamonds

Diamonds, which are precious substances, can be found in different colours, like yellow, blue, pink, and green. However, the most expensive and rare variety of this gift of nature is the black diamond.

Previously called carbonados diamonds, black diamonds were given this name because they resemble porous charcoal, which is black in colour. These gems are among the hardest substances found in the world. Another important fact about them is that they are only found in some specific regions of the world, like Central Africa and Brazil.

Unlike other varieties, which are entirely composed of carbon atoms, this black stone possesses hydrogen atoms along with the carbon. It is believed that they are not developed on earth; rather they have been produced in the hydrogen-rich atmosphere of space, and reached the Earth via an asteroid around 2.8 millions ago.

All other varieties of this gem are made up of a single crystal. However, each one is composed of multiple smaller crystals which have been united together by means of stronger bonds. All these crystals possess sulphide bonds and inclusions in between them which make this unique creation dark in colour. However, the majority of them are not black in colour throughout, as they possess grey and dark grey shades as well. The variation of this colour is due to the varying amount of sulphides and imperfections within the surface.

Cultural Significance

This black gem possesses different considerations in different cultures throughout the world. Among ancient Indians it was not considered a good substance. Since it is black and resembles to the snake’s eye, they considered it a representation of the God Yama, the God of death. For Italians, it was a symbol of blessings, especially for married couples. They believed that if a married couple touched it, all their worries would pass away from them to the stone.

Famous Black Diamonds

There are so many varieties of this stone around. Black Orlove, which is also called, “The Eye of Brahma” is one of the most famous varieties. It weighs around 67.6 carats. According to one belief, it causes death for those who wear it.

The other varieties include the Amsterdam Diamond, Star of Africa, and the Black stone of Bahia. Since it is much harder, and could not be cut into pieces easily, it is mainly used for industrial purposes, rather than jewellery. However, the trend is changing and nowadays it is being used in jewellery as well.



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