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Finding Diamond Earrings To Compliment Your Looks

While there are many beautiful styles of diamond earrings, including different settings and even diamond colours, the most important feature in finding the perfect diamond earrings has nothing to do with the jewellery – it’s about your looks.

Finding the shape that flatters your face best not only shows off the earrings to their best effect, but flatters you as well.

Here are some helpful tips for selecting just the right pair of diamond earrings for your looks.

Oval is global

Oval shaped faces can wear nearly any hair style or jewellery, as it’s an almost universally good look. So the good news is, you can buy whatever you wish and expect that it will look great. For an added benefit, choose teardrop shaped diamond earrings, as that will flatter an oval face without adding any width or length to your features.

It's all about the balance

Heart shaped and round faces need a lengthy earring to help balance out the face’s features. These shapes look particularly good in a chandelier earring or other dangled earrings. Both facial shapes also look great in the teardrop style. Round faces should avoid hoops or other types of disc earrings, as this will overemphasize the facial shape.

Square faces and cheekbones

Square faces, on the other hand, benefit from rounded designs, particularly from hoop style diamond earrings. This helps break up the dimension of the facial style. Narrow facial features look stunning in diamond studs or clusters of studs to help emphasize cheekbones.

Finding the perfect style for your face brings out the natural beauty in your features and the features of the earrings.


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