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Introduction to Carats

It is very important to educate yourself about the four Cs when you are shopping for diamonds. Knowing about the cut, clarity, colour, and carat with regards to diamonds will help you get the best deal out there. You can set your budget accurately and know exactly what size stone you can afford.


The Carat

Carat refers to the size of a stone. It is used in the diamond industry to measure the exact weight of a diamond. Slight variations in size affect the price of the ring or other piece of jewellery.

The term carat has been used for centuries. In ancient times, carats of diamonds were weighed against carob seeds to judge weight. Since these seeds were always the same size, they were thought to be accurate counterweights on diamond scales. The term was changed just a little, to carat. It has become a permanent industry term for the weight of a variety of stones.

It's not just about the weight

When attempting to buy a diamond, the customer should choose from among a variety of variables. Diamond weight is an important consideration when configuring the value of a diamond. Carat has a role in the price of diamonds, but a diamond’s worth really depends on the other Cs as well.

A three carat diamond could be worth less than a 1 ½ carat diamond if the smaller diamond is of higher quality. Generally speaking, one large stone is more valuable than smaller stones of the same weight. So a one carat diamond would be worth more than four ¼ carat diamonds, that equal one carat. This is true if all of the other Cs are consistent.

The one carat margin

Another carat consideration when purchasing diamonds is sometimes referred to as the one carat margin. Generally speaking, diamonds that weigh just below one carat will be significantly less expensive than ones that weigh a carat or more.

Many people willingly spend more money on a one carat diamond ring than they would on a diamond that is just below a carat because it affords a certain amount of bragging rights. People are excited to say that they have a one carat ring. If you are on a budget but want the largest stone possible, try getting a stone that is just below a carat.

Another way to save money, while buying the largest stone possible, is to buy online. When you purchase online you can often save money and be able to afford a larger stone. This is because online jewellery websites don’t have as many overheads as a traditional jewellery store. They can afford to sell stones for less money so you are the one who comes out ahead.


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