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Men's Precious Stone Accessories

It is never easy thinking up new gift ideas for that special man in your life and most women tend to choose something they know their man will never think of buying for himself. However, women also want to know that the gift will be not just appreciated but also useful. Choosing an accessory in gold or silver inlaid with precious stones should surely guarantee that!

There are a number of accessories for men that are like items of diamond jewellery – and since the word jewellery originates from the Latin jocale meaning plaything, this is quite appropriate. What could be more playful and decadent than a solid gold money clip set with a diamond or other precious stone? Given one of these gorgeous items, he might well leave his credit card at home and make a grand statement by carrying a wad of old fashioned money. A gift like this in 14 carat gold will be expensive, so choose a traditional style rather than a novelty shape and have it engraved, not just to personalise it but also to protect it.

For something a little less ostentatious, gold and silver collar stiffeners or tasteful tie pin with a single precious stone would be the height of elegance. Diamond tie pins and tie tacs are discrete and tasteful and need not break the bank as they come in sterling silver as well as yellow or white gold and, at the top of the range, platinum.

Whilst diamond jewellery always look smart and are extremely popular, if he has cufflinks with rubies, emeralds or sapphires, a little shopping around should ensure you find a tie pin or tac with a matching stone. Alternatively, you could buy a matching set of cufflinks and tie pin set with the precious stone of your choice. Choose a stone to match his favourite colour which ought to ensure they work well with the majority of his wardrobe although diamonds, rubies and sapphires will coordinate beautifully with most formal attire.

Several decades ago a jewel encrusted cigarette case would fill that gap in the luxury gifts for men department but with the demise of smoking and smoking accessories these are practically unheard of today. Even bejewelled fountain pens have been relegated to museums in this age of technology. However mobile phone technology is zooming forward apace and some very elegant mobile phone accessories are now being produced, including cases and covers encrusted with diamonds. You don’t have to buy a £5 million iPhone to dazzle the world as many mobile phone companies are incorporating precious stones into their designs to create that million dollar look some customers seem to crave.


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