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Which metal will work best for your skin tone?

Have you ever noticed that a yellow gold bracelet looks really good on some people, but not so enticing on others? It’s all about skin tone. There are certain skin colours that work really well with yellow gold, and others that would be better suited to white gold or platinum. If you want to choose the right metal for your skin tone, then consider these helpful hints, before you order from Diamond Rocks.


Warm or cool?

Rather than trying to determine if your skin is a warm tone or a cool tone, which can be rather confusing, instead look at your veins. Believe it or not, different hue tones will make the veins appear different at the surface. Turn your hand over, take a look at the inside of your wrist. What colour are your veins? If they are noticeably blue, then it is safe to assume that you have a cool skin tone. When the veins appear more green than blue, the skin is said to have a warm tone.

Having trouble determining whether your veins are blue or green in appearance, then take a look in the mirror. Darker skin tones tend to have a cool skin tone, and people with red, auburn, or strawberry blonde hair can safely assume they have a warm tone.


Matching a metal

Once you have a good impression of whether you are warm or cool, it’s time to select the metal for you. Cooler skin tones work best with white golds and platinum. Warm skin tones are well matched with yellow gold, but also look fabulous when dressed with less typical jewellery metals, such as copper and brass.


Selecting a stone

You might also want to consider which gemstones work best with your skin tone. Just remember cool colours go best with cool skin tones – blues, purples, pinks, and reds. So, you might opt for rubies and sapphires. Meanwhile, warm skin tones are really brought out when wearing emeralds, turquoise and chocolate diamonds.

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