safe-1441646-mFew women would fail to be excited when presented with a diamond.  In order to preserve that beauty and to relive that thrill every time you see the stone, be sure that you are doing all that you can to properly wear-, care for-, and store your jewellery.

Know When to Remove Them Though you are not alone in your love for diamonds, we must treat them with respect and that means parting from them temporarily, whenever doing work that could cause them damage.  Doing dishes, gardening, or any type of hard labor can harm your diamonds, or their settings.  It’s not worth the risk.

Store Alone It is important to carefully store diamonds.  Though the stone is a tough one, it can chip, scratch, or lose its brilliance if constantly rubbing against other pieces of jewellery.  Store these special pieces individually or in soft, fabric bags to prevent such wear and tear.  Take the time to put diamonds away carefully, whenever you must take them off.  Setting them on countertops, beside sinks, or like places can lead to them being dropped, knocked, or sent down a drain.

Don’t Hesitate to Clean You shouldn’t wait for the biannual visit to the jeweler to have your diamonds cleaned.  Some jewellery stores will provide cleaners or make suggestions on what is best to use for this process.  So speak up when you visit and be sure you have what you need to maintain the sparkle.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Oil-Based Soaps There are soaps and lotions that can build up on the exterior of a diamond and reduce its natural beauty.  Don’t put your rings on until after you have used your daily lotion, or remove them before doing so.  Also, when cleaning, choose a cleaner that doesn’t have moisturizers in it.  Ammonia based cleaners, such as window cleaner are a good solution in a pinch.

See the Jeweller Regularly Though you are cleaning and caring for the stone at home, that is not a good reason to skip out on the six-month visits to the jeweler.  It is important for a professional to check the setting and to polish the stone.